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Based in London, Dubai, and the French Riviera, MY OCEAN is the most dynamic start-up in the international large yachting space and has established a trusted reputation for yacht sales and charter brokerage, and yacht management. MY OCEAN understands that every part of yachting, from ordering to completion, from the champagne welcome to the whale watching – it all needs to be seamless and special.

Luxury yacht ownership and charters bring a wealth of opportunities, reaching parts of the world away from the tourist trail; watching sea life in glistening azure waters while indulging in fine gastronomy or over the papers at breakfast; teaching your children to swim from the aft deck or taking jet skis out to explore hidden caves; throwing glamorous parties and entertaining your nearest and dearest in the style you’ve always dreamed. This private, palatial, cinematic sanctuary is your home, wherever you tell the captain to go.

“MY OCEAN is a young, vibrant service provider, but between my team and I we have many decades of experience in all areas of the luxury yachting business, of VIP hospitality and beyond; from private jets to Formula 1, and from supercar rallies to space tourism. Our clients share our pursuit of adventure and excellence in everything we do.”

– Jonny Dodge, CEO and Founder of MY OCEAN


Jonny Dodge has sailing in his blood, having grown up in a family of yacht owners. The family company also fitted out some of the most iconic superyachts ever launched, from Leander to Prince Abdulaziz. Hailing from the south coast of England, Jonny’s enterprises have seen him live in London, Monaco, and, most recently, Dubai. He’s been chartering yachts for many years for both personal use and big A-list events, at the Monaco Grand Prix and elsewhere, which gives him great insight into what his clients want.

Michelle Pursey has hands-on yachting experience, having grown up by the water in Cyprus and the South of France, and has gone on to manage some of the largest yachts in the world, as well as celebrity events.