BUYa yacht

Purchasing a yacht is the ultimate expression of luxury and escape, and with MY OCEAN it’ll be smooth sailing.


The purchase of a yacht is an eventful moment, some say it’s almost like the birth of a baby. In fact, you are adding a new asset as a member to the family, or a second floating home where you will spend unforgettable moments.

experienced team

Our team of professionals will ensure a smooth journey.
Our network becomes your network where we will appoint the best lawyers, financiers, surveyors, and more to ensure you get the best results with efficiency and professionalism.

MY OCEAN understands that the decision to purchase a yacht, whether ordered new or pre-loved, whether big or not so big, is one of life’s pinnacle achievements. MY OCEAN works with all the major prestige shipyards, and has access to thousands of vessels already in the water, including those not publically listed for sale. And, paramount, we listen to our clients and can advise on the perfect match or specification for you.

We specialize in motor yachts 30m-100m in length, though we can advise on more diverse luxury vessels as well if desired. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to guide them through not only the sales process, but all after-sales areas including crewing, maintenance, and if needed, charter management. We’re on call, around the clock, and will travel with you to view any potential purchases. Whether you’re looking for a new build or previously-owned yacht, MY OCEAN promises confidence, attention to detail, and peace of mind throughout the purchase process.