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Contact MY OCEAN to successfully tailor your charter experience anywhere in the world.

MY OCEAN is a trusted leader in brokering exceptional yacht charter experiences. Our top-tier knowledge and experience ensure we will secure the right vessel, crew, and curated itinerary for you – be it cruising the Med under motor, spotting sea life in Indonesia under sail, kite surfing in the Grenadines, moored up in Monaco to watch the Grand Prix, or heli-skiing in Greenland via an explorer yacht. Our boats are stylish sanctuaries where effervescent memories are made. Discover our beautiful portfolio of luxury vessels for charter, or speak to our experts about how to holiday aboard your dream boat in the perfect location.

“Flawless logistics are what is required, and we can handle the biggest, trickiest, most imaginative requests with considerable élan.”

– Jonny Dodge, CEO and Founder of MY OCEAN

A-list access to the world’s
finest yachts

Every yacht in MY OCEAN is unique, from its size and layout to the toys. Our yachts offer the best in design, marine technology, entertainment, equipment, cooking, and crew. We rigorously inspect every yacht to ensure our high standards are always met and that you have a perfect experience.

A broker who has
all the bases covered

Whether this is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or just how you roll, our tailor-made service will make you feel at home. No two clients are the same, and no details are left to chance.

Bespoke itineraries and

As well as matching clients with their dream boat, we are a concierge service and will share our local intelligence with you when planning your itinerary. We are on hand for any additional bookings you may need, be it for air transport or restaurant bookings, spa treatments, or onboard celebrations.

Perfect for

Each yacht has chefs on board who will be briefed on your eating requirements and will rustle up fantastically flavorsome dishes to you and your guest’s specific desires. Our chefs are international and have trained in some of the world’s most acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants, from Paris to Tokyo and London to Melbourne.

The world is
your oyster

Flexibility is one of the major advantages of chartering your own yacht, offering constantly changing views from the deck. It hands you the keys to remote and undiscovered islands and coves. From Antarctica to the Aegean, and the Galapagos to the Gulf of Oman, you can go anywhere.

A floating private
luxury resort

Our yachts boast all the indulgent amenities of a five-star hotel but with the added advantage of unparalleled and ever-changing views. As well as benefiting from the crew’s 24/7 VIP service, they are dedicated to your complete privacy.


Your yacht will come equipped with a selection of toys to suit your itinerary and preferences. Inside and on deck, you can expect top-of-the-line AV and audio systems and, of course, WiFi. On the water, we can do everything from paddle boards, Seadoos, and jet skis to mini-submarines. For those seeking extra relaxation, many of our yachts come with state-of-the-art spa facilities. Onshore excursions, entertainment, and dining can be arranged at your request by the crew, and more ambitious arrangements through MY OCEAN’s concierge service.

It’s easy. Tell MY OCEAN whether you’re after a vintage or modern yacht and what type of propulsion you favour – sails or motor.

Also, how many cabins will you need, what area of the globe do you wish to visit, what activities might you wish to indulge in and, crucially, what’s your budget.

Charters can cost anything from $50,000 to $3 million, ranging from 25m to over 136m in length. Yacht charter fees do not include things like fuel, harbour moorings, food and beverages. This additional cost is called an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) – usually 30% of the charter fee. In advance, you’ll be given a preference sheet to fill out, detailing what you most like to eat and drink. This is your opportunity to request snacks! You may also wish to factor in a tip for the crew upon completion of the trip, which is typically 15%.

Once you’ve decided on the location, the dates, and which beautiful yacht you’ll be chartering, we can help you organise flights and transfers.

After you’ve disembarked for the final time, MY OCEAN will liaise with the captain regarding how much of the APA has been spent and will refund anything left over. You’ll then be able to start the process all over again and plan your next holiday on the high seas.